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 Milk, Running rich, stop light and a Ferrari

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PostSubject: Milk, Running rich, stop light and a Ferrari   Thu Jun 11, 2009 11:40 am

So the other day i went out to get some milk late at night. I figured i would take the bike so i could see if i could figure out why i started to run rich all of a sudden.I parked the bike away from other cars and shopping carts, went in to get my milk. When i returned i found a red Ferrari 355 spider parked right next to me. The owner was walking out right behind me, he says something like "i bet that thing is fun to ride" i just nodded. We pull out of the parking lot at about the same time him infront of me. We both turn the same way and stop at the very next light side by side. He revs it up and man it sounded sweet. I couldn't help but just stare at the sheer beauty. He then rolls down the window and asks me if "i want to run 'em". The next light is about 1/8 mile down the street, i said "alright". I let the clutch out at 3.5 grand and lifted the front shifted to second then third. I look back and through a huge cloud of smoke i see a red fire ball charging trying to catch up. His lanch sucked but i'm tossing this one up as my win.
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PostSubject: Re: Milk, Running rich, stop light and a Ferrari   Fri Jun 12, 2009 10:53 am

cool story bottlecape i wish i was there to race him. thats a good story to remember racing a ferrari! i have managed so far to beat a 01 yamaha r1, a 95 gsxr 600 (see him all the time, he doesn't wave anymore.. ) and some awesome black ktm duke enduro bike in a race the guy on the ktm dropped a gear on washington street going about 80mph and i said no to myself i remember, when we reached the stop light at an intersection a did a rolling burnout not on purpose though, and just creamed him he did have some good acceleration though i could tell, because anyone a have ever raced just gets left behind so fast! but i still killed him needless to say. oh and did i mention some kid in a black civic flashed his lights right near the house.....haha oh my lord i never shifted into fourth and stayed on his ass....then passed him lol. sometimes i wish we had this stuff on tape!. i hate when you race someone and you have to turn! even when your beating them they ride by you as if they are passing you up, that bothers me. Razz cool thing is many of these guys suck at riding, I'm not saying im a racing expert, but i can safely say i kicked there ass. so far no losses even to a r1, racing cars is lame cause unless it has like 400 hp and does 0 to 60 in 3 seconds it probably won't win. well anyways a ferrari is pretty awesome no doubt! cool story.
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Milk, Running rich, stop light and a Ferrari
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